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Waveguide junction (ellipse -> rectangle)

So called waveguidejunctions are used to create an as loss-free as possible transition between the flexible, elliptic waveguide and the rectangular aerial connection. Function and efficiency are determined by the complicated inner contoures. And because it is difficult or even impossible to produce components like that mechanically performance decreasing compromises have to be made.

Galvanoforming offers the perfect – both elegant and cost-efficient – alternative.

Waveguide junction

The foundation of that is process is a electrical conductiong main shape on which a perfect negative is formed. Nuclear material is – depending on size and number of pieces – acrylic galss, high-grade steel or invar. For unformable components aluminium and wax are also used.

The junction E75/15 – PBR 120 that is described here is a armature that is used for directional transmission techniques. It transforms the overmoded operationmode of the elliptic waveguide into the mainmode of the aeriallead. This is the range of 12,75-13,25 or 13,75-14,5 Ghz depending on the galcanized modeplate.

The production is done in this case by stripping copper on a multilayered high-grade steel core. Flanges and adjusting plates are applied to it, the adhering surface acivated and the whole thing galvanised for a few days. The splitting of copper and the core is done in an uncomplicated manner – through pulling it out.

Advantages of this process:

+ No thermal exposure and therefore neither losses in firmness nor warping
+ Always the same positions of adhering surfaces and flanges
+ An inner contour of the waveguide that perfectly fits with the surfacequality of the core

The highfrequentic technical development of this product was done by the RFS Kabelmetall Hannover.