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Heat exchanger tubes

Food industries need pipes with a high dimension accuracy, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity for their steadily producing schaberecuperators.

Galvanically stripped nickel is just perfect for this task.

Therefore Galvano-T produces nickelpipes in all lengths and diameters through galvano-forming.

The acrylic glass that has the reqired diameter is coated with a electrically conducting layer and after that eletrolytically stripped with nickel.

Layerthicknesses of more than 10mm are possible here. Pipes like that have advantages like a high dimension accuracy and an even radial severity that longitudinal seam-welded pipes just don’t have.

Compared to steel nickel has a far better corrosionresistance and – compared to high-grade steel a better thermal conductivity.

The pipes are honed in a very accurate way and also eqipped with a 100 mm thick hard-chrome wall to prevent the nickel’s transfer into the ice-cream.

The pipes can be delivered either smooth or with grooves on the outer wall (those have a bigger contactarea). It’s also possible to get the pipes with prefabricated high-grade steel flanges that are adhesely galvanised to the pipe.