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HE 11 waveguide

The transmition of millimetric wave performances in megawatt ranges requires enlarged waveguides to prevent the tangress of field intensity breaks (Arcing).

Grooved waveguides are used to reduce transmission losses evoked by wall currents (Wall tension instead of wall currents).

An additional attenuation layer is applied to reduce eventually existing higher modes (danger of arcing), because the transferred fundamental wave (HE 11) is very slightly attenuated.

HE 11 waveguide

A multilayered waveguide of the highest precision possible an be crafted by a cost-efficient technique that was developed by Galvano-T in colaboration with the institute of plasmaresearch of the University of Stuttgart.

To ensure highly precise inner contours the waveguides’s grooves are turned into an aluminium pipe to crete a negative shape. Because galvanical procedures cast the shape 1:1 the inner contures are sure to look exactly like their carefully crafted fathershapes.

The applied at least 30 µm thick Ni/P layer is enhanced by a 2-6 mm thick copperlayer that is electrolytically stripped to the piece.

To ensure a unproblematical connection with other waveguides clearances are applied to them.

The waveguide is ready to be used after, finally, the mainshape is etched out again and the inner shape is cleaned.

Right now we are producing components of the following measures:

Length: 2000 mm (possible length with our resources: 2800 mm)
Circuate: 23-90mm