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500 Mhz Cavity

Highfrequency resonators are used in particle accelerators for fundamental research as well as in the industry.

Those resonators (cavities) accelerate the charged particles (e.g. electrons, protons, ions) with their electromagnetic fields to a higher energy level (experiments) or equate losses of energy on the circulating orbids (synchrtron radiation).

The highfrequency currents running through the resonator walls lead to a warming of the resonator because of the ohmic losses and therefore an adequate cooling is needed.

The commong process for the instalation of a cooling system is to solder on copper pipes.

Nowadays higher requirements on the resonator’s cooling performance and temperature stability demand a cooling system that covers all of the resonator surface and that also has a better heat dissipation on the highly tumultous currents of cooling water.

Galvanical procedures offer the possibility to create a cooling jacket that meets all the requirements. There is no thermal strain at all and the cooling sytsem is integrated seamlessly into the cavitybody.

The proper canalstructure is formed onto the cavity through the laying of waxprofiles. Therefore exact cross sections as well as wide and variable cooling canals are possible.

After a electrically conducting layer is applied and mechanically preprocessed connections are put into position the whole system is galvanised with copper until the copperlayer is 3 mm thick (but other thicknesses are possible as well).

The stripped copper layer increases the stability of the mainbody because of their nice mechanical features. After that the wax is removed from the cooling system and the item can finally be used.

Engineering data 
Cu layer thickness (cooling system)ca. 3 mm
Compressive strength>16 bar N2
He leak-tightness< 106 mbar*L/s
electrical conductivity>57 m/(Ohm*mm²)
Proof stress Rp0,2250 N/mm2