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Components through galvanoforming
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Thin-walled structures

Mechanical processing techniques hit their limits with thinwalled structures (under 0,5mm). Electroplating offers a simple alternative production process for that problem.

Copper, nickel or a combination of both are eligible for this use. Applicabilities are for example waveguides, bushings, heat conductors or thin walled bushes for geology.

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Galvanized molds (on core)

The processes described in the following show various techniques of galvano-forming upon cores. The field of application is diverse and extraordinary interesting in cases where conventional Methods have their scientific borders.

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Solderable coatings

Below 1000°C a sufficient wetting by means of Cu/Ag-Solder doesn’t take place because of the chromic oxide layer on the surface of austenite high-grade steel. Only at higher temperatures the chromic oxide layer tears up and inside those rips the wetting takes place.

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Mending of continuous casting molds

Galvano-T conducts this kind of mending for more than 10 years now and we believe to have reached a rather high process reliability.

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Adherent coating of stainless steels

Stainless steels are extremely corrosion-resistant materials. They are hardy and ductile while having good strength parameters.

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