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Physical properties of Galvano-T materials

A compilation of the features of our material deposits can be found here. The values are real and were ascertained either by ourselves or by other institutes or companies. The features of galvanical strippings are never exactly the same but underlie variations contigent on the process.


We strive to make those variations as small as possible within our analytical possibilities. The values range in every case within the scope of the limits shown below.

Temperatures, however, can change those values a great deal – especially the hardness of Cu and Ni. But of course this kind of behavior can be found in comparable processes as well.


According to which bath type is used modifications caused by additives (organical or non-organical) or current (e.g. reverse puls plating) are also possible.

Example: An increase of the stripping hardness (Cu or Ni) and firmness causes certain disadvantages such as a lower elongation, lower conductivity, loss of weldability and worse RRR values and so on.

Galvano-T Copper

Mechanical parameters 
Proof stress Rp0,2255 – 275 N/mm²
Tensile strength Rm330 – 350 N/mm²
Elongation A525 – 30 %
Microhardness110 – 120 HV0,5
Physical parameters 
Electrical conductivity57 – 59 Megasiemens/ Meter (58,2 MS/m = 100 % IACS)
Thermal conductivity350 – 400 W/m*K

Galvano-T Nickel

Mechanical parameters 
Proof stress Rp0,2400 – 600 N/mm²
Tensile strength Rm500 – 800 N/mm²
Elongation A515 – 20 %
Microhardness225 – 270 HV0,5