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Our new corporate website

In 2016 we decided to relaunch our corporate website and after lots of planning and restructuring of (old, deprecated) content we followed through with our plan roughly one year later in October 2017.

Since then we’ve been revising dozens of product pages and redesigned everything from the ground up.

Now, a few months later, it’s time for a public update.

A website like this is always a work in progress since we develop new products and processes from our client’s specifications very regularly.

Working on our client’s orders is our top priority of course and the addition of content to this website comes after that. But as busy as we are – we want to give our new (and regular) readers a satisfying browsing experience and hope that you’ll enjoy your stay.

We’re now bilingual

The old website was only available in German. This new version has been translated into English and we’re happy to finally give our international clients and also users coming from search engines a website that they can actually understand.

The English version is still rough around the edges but we’re working on it.

A responsive website

Our previous website was built in a time when smartphones and tablets were not as widespread as they are today. Our new website can be accessed on any (modern) device now and it should render the content appropriately.

If you find any quirks or bugs while accessing our website with a specific device you can tell us about it. We want to make the user experience is as good as possible but we obviously haven’t tested all the corner cases yet.

Planned features & content

Although we’re satisfied with the current version we strive to improve it further. We want to make sure that even people with no or very little background in chemistry, physics or related sciences can understand what electroforming (galvanoforming) actually is.

E.g. we’re working on a glossary to explain most of our processes and the related jargon in layman terms if possible.

We’re open to suggestions

Our speciality is manual electroplating. We might have missed obvious things that the “layman” and also many specialists from other fields would like to read about on our new website.

We’re open to suggestions and you can contact us about any topic you may want to have included in future iterations of our website.


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