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Let us re-trace the steps that illustrate how Galvano-T came to life and what makes the company manufacture excellent components through galvanoforming for more than 30 years.


After the course of the river Sieg was relocated in 1857 to enable a railway line between Gießen and Cologne the regionally famous “Schladerner Falls” or “Elmores Falls” came into existence.


The british company ELMORES settled there in 1894 because of the now possible use of hydroelectricity at the falls. The electricity was used to craft seamless copper pipes using the advantages of galvanoforming.

The process that was used back then sounds easy today: Tree trunks where overwound and coated with pitch first and shrouded with leadfilms afterwards. This electrically conducting layer was now ready to be galvanized in a copper bath.

The exposure rate can be roughly estimated to have been between 200 and 300 nanometres wall thickness a day which means that a copperpipe that was meant to be 10 mm thick needed around 30 to 40 days to leave the copper bath finally.

After the tree trunk was pulled out of it the pipe was done.

This way of crafting was a novelty back then.


In 1962 the ELMORES company changed hands to Kabel und Metall Gutehoffnungshütte AG and was called Kabel Metall Schaldern (KMS) from then on.

However, after cheaper processes (like the welding with eletronical beams) were available for the production of seamless copperpipes the profit from electrolysis gradually diminished which resulted in the shutdown of the “tube area” that contained about 140 copper baths.

KMS’ custom manufacture of electrolysis which concerned itself with specific processes and products of galvanoforming (e.g. waveguides and cooling structures) was completely shut down.

Due to the fact that Kabelmetal Electro-Hannover (KE) was in need of parts of this very production for their aeials Werner Szcepaniak, who was head of the company back then, was convinced to adopt the custom manufacture to carry it forward in his own company.


In this manner Galvano-T GmbH (also called GT) was founded in 1985 and puttered around in the old Kabelmetal area for the next seven years.


In 1993 the Galvano-T GmbH moved moved to the nearby village Rosbach into the premises of the former HERMES steel manufacturer. In 1995 KMS (Kabel Metall Schladern) was closed. Today an alternative bar/club, also called “Elmores”, serves a very interesting mix of music, art and culture in one part of the old halls.


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