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Galvano-T electroforming-plating GmbH
Components through galvanoforming
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About us

Learn more about the Galvano-T electroforming-plating GmbH, a German midsized company specialized in manual electroplating.

Our Company

Our company – the Galvano-T GmbH – is located apart of big industrial areas, about 40 miles east of Cologne, in the charming landscape of the “Windecker Ländchen” (windecker-laendchen.com) on the small river Sieg.

To work with the highest standarts possible we always stay in close collaboration with Development Centres for Industry and Research as well as universities.

Meet our organization

The Galvano-T History

At its founding in 1985 we were able to adopt the “Know How” of almost a hundred years of galvanoforming of the famous “Elmores” Galvanik.

We are making use of the advantages of galvanoforming producing parts that can hardly (or not at all!) be crafted in alternative ways as for example the welding with eletronical beams, soldering at high temperatures, cutting or eroding/electrical discharge machining.

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Quality Management

We’ve received the ISO 9001:2008 certification via the TÜV Rheinland since 2012.

In 2018 we upgraded to the revised standard, ISO 9001:2015.

Complicated mechanical machining and measurements are done by partner companies. Our production processes are monitored by the TÜV Rheinland.

Additional information about our QMS

Our “Blog”

As soon as we’ve completed the transfer of all vital data from our old website to the new one, we want to establish a kind of journal, or better: a blog. Within our blog we’d like to share progresses of the research of electroforming and other interesting news.

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Note: If you have any suggestions for such contents, please contact us.